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Made with 100% Organic De-Gummed Castor Oil (The Unexcelled Lubricant)


Carbonoff keeps new engines young at heart and reclaims the original power in old sluggish engines. One application dissolves the gum-binders and varnish-like deposits that are holding your engine back from its maximum performance.


Carbonoff will

  • Remove carbon from behind piston rings, valve stems, valve stem guides.

  • Clean intake jets, venturis and injectors of fuel gum

  • Leave no residue after burning.


Use Carbonoff as part of every tune-up on internal combustion engines. One application restores power to old sluggish engines and preserves performance in new engines. Carbonoff contains no harmful dopes or solvents.


Available in

  • Pints

  • Gallons

  • 5 Gallons

  • 55 Gallon Drums

Casta Carbonoff | Carbon-Gum Varnish Remover
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